How my bread is made

Look Ma, no gears, all done by hand!!!

What goes into my bread

All Natural Stuff!!!

Where you can buy my bread

at the market and online

Be grateful for your bread

There once was a rock band called The Grateful Dead. And their followers were called Deadheads.

Now, because bread rhymes with dead, I have formed my own sort of band that rocks not music, but bread.

And I want you all to become Breadheads!

Your happy baker!


Never mind The Grateful Dead,
This is really Bloody Good Bread!

Stays fresh for days, that is if it hasn't been eaten :0
No mouldy old dough, that's for sure

Where/When to buy

Become a Breadhead every Saturday morning at Hogemat's Milk Tankstelle in Imbringen.

Bread is delivered there by 8:00 am.

Be quick - supplies are limited!